Welcome to Rosemarie’s Residence

… or rather ‘Salon’ as Rosemarie’s friends call her domicile.



When in Lisbon why not stay in an artist’s residence?

Rosemarie Selig has recently returned from Nepal & India, her home for many years, to resettle in Portugal.

Accordingly the flat is a place where east meets west, or vice versa, as it displays oriental artefacts & textiles next to her own work, and as such quite unique.

The flat, newly renovated, is in a historic building, facing St. Vincente and the Graca Mirador that provides for a spectacular view towards the castle and the city.


… and why not stay centrally?

Graca is an old Lisbon neighbourhood, situated on top of a hill, which abounds in small restaurants, cafés, bars, shops, and other attractions as for example the famous flee market.

Graca is only a stone throw away from Alfalma, Moraria, and the ‘Castello’.

Downtown Lisbon (Baixa, etc) is also within walking distance but can also be reached btram, bus, or by taking the lift.

All in all, the ideal spot from where to explore the city and only 20 minutes (maximum 10 €) drive from the airport

As to the above, your hostess would only be too pleased to assist you in all your ‘endeavours’.

So, why not have an individual and unique experience during a Lisbon sojourn?!


The Room



Rosmarie Selig’s art

Rosemarie Selig’s art – first and foremost, pictures, i.e. photos – should be perceived as visual images in their own right no matter the background, the ideas they originated in.

However, the photos on display are not only images per se but have to be placed within a given context, thematic in nature, constituting a particular series of which the captions simultaneously serve as explanation and incentive.

For sales and/or exhibitions: Contact the artist directly


Rosemarie’s Jewelry is unique and exclusive in all ways

The jewelry exhibited is exclusive in terms of design, the material used, and handmade to requirement.


The majority of necklaces consist of tiny glass-beads, sweet-water-pearls, plus the occasional pendant.

These pearls are then painstakingly fashioned into strands – some necklaces consist of as many as sixty strands – by skilled artisans giving shape to the artist’s design.

Some necklaces are made from ceramic beads, yet others from old turquoise, coral, amber, as well as antique silver beads hailing from Northern India and/or Tibet.

By purchasing one of these necklaces, one would acquire a truly stunning and unique piece of jewelry considering that each and every one is different as far as composition, color scheme, etc is concerned, even though the design(s) appears to be similar.

Want to know more about Rosemarie’s Jewelry?

Prices of bead/pearl necklaces range from € 135 to 265.

The turquoise/coral/silver necklaces are in another category. Please inquire.

Business hours: by appointment only.


Welcome to Rosemarie’s Residence

… or rather ‘Salon’ as Rosemarie’s friends call her domicile.