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Rosemarie Selig – Philosopher, Photographer, Painter & Jeweler

Rosemarie Selig – Dutch national, was educated in the Netherlands, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

She received a five year education in Painting and Photography at the Hochschule fuer Gestaltung, Hamburg, Germany, After which she moved to London having been granted a ‘stipendium’.

Having completed her studies she worked as a painter, a free-lance illustrator and photographer for magazines and advertising agencies.

She then continued her studies at the universities of Amsterdam and Leiden, the Netherlands, in Indology/Tibetology, and then pursued post-graduate studies in non-western Theology, as a religious historian, into Indian Goddesses and their Tibetan counterparts at the University of Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Rosemarie Selig has been published in a number of international academic publications (E. J. Brill Publishers, Leiden. Koeln, New York, ‘Female Stereotypes in Tibetan Art and Religion’, Numen Book Series, vol. LXVI; Cambridge University Press, etc. and funded by various academic and private organizations.

The majority of her PhD research was done in India, in the Himalayan foothills were she has spent the greatest deal of her time. This location  and the research triggered off the need to express her work in another way  – as visual images in their own right as for examples the series ‘Goddess’.

For the last ten years the artist has been living in Asia on a permanent basis. First in India, and since 2009 in Kathmandu, Nepal.

After a lifetime in India Rosemarie Selig is now back in Europe

At the end of 2015 she left Nepal due to two major earthquakes, countless aftershocks, and ill health, for Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, and Malaysia, but returned to Nepal for some month before moving back to Europe.

She is now settled in Lisbon, Portugal.

For the past fifteen years she has been mainly working as an artist exhibiting her work in The Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom, India, and Nepal.


Rosemarie’s Jewelry is unique and exclusive in all ways

The jewelry exhibited is exclusive in terms of design, the material used, and handmade to requirement.

Rosemarie Selig

Rosemarie’s Jewelry is unique and exclusive in all ways

The jewelry exhibited is exclusive in terms of design, the material used, and handmade to requirement.

The majority of necklaces consist of tiny glass-beads, sweet-water-pearls, plus the occasional pendant.

These pearls are then painstakingly fashioned into strands – some necklaces consist of as many as sixty strands – by skilled artisans giving shape to the artist’s design.

Some necklaces are made from ceramic beads, yet others from old turquoise, coral, amber, as well as antique silver beads hailing from Northern India and/or Tibet.

By purchasing one of these necklaces, one would acquire a truly stunning and unique piece of jewelry considering that each and every one is different as far as composition, color scheme, etc is concerned, even though the design(s) appears to be similar.

Want to know more about Rosemarie’s Jewelry?

Prices of bead/pearl necklaces range from € 135 to 265.

The turquoise/coral/silver necklaces are in another category. Please inquire.

Business hours: by appointment only.

Tinted Glory

Tinted Glory Paraphernalia with Femaleness

Tinted Glory is series of images exploring the aesthetics of black and white photography apart from the subject matter, which is female in essence, concentrating on faces and the paraphernalia associated with ‘femaleness’

Rosmarie Selig
  • From Tinted Glory

Along the Jade River: Encounters & adventures of a China Man

Celebrating Colour and Delight

A series of photos celebrating colour and an exercise in delight.

The creation of the ‘inappropriate’ imagery with no purpose at all, though not entirely without merit and/or direction.



Not Any Old Fish I by Rosemarie Selow
Not Any Old Fish I

Not Any Old Fish II by Rosemarie Selow
Not Any Old Fish II

The Curse Of the Yellow Flower by Rosemarie Selow
The Curse Of the Yellow Flower

Shipping News by Rosemarie Selow
Shipping News

The Dragon Wall; Turn th Dawn On by Rosemarie Selow
The Dragon Wall; Turn the Dawn On

Debris Moving In From the Desert by Rosemarie Selow
Debris Moving In From the Desert

Red Carp Patriarch by Rosemarie Selow
Red Carp Patriarch

The Red Carp Sutra by Rosemarie Selow
The Red Carp Sutra